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Hakkında: Please do not plus at me. Please, only plus my writing or photography if you are brave enough to scribe an actual comment, message, so that I do not spend most of my time trying to decipher whether it is a compliment or insult. A nude plus, a naked plu...
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DonFphrnqTaub Persina is my verified google name; but you may say Don Persina or Don F. T. Persina; « hopiakuta » is a screenname, while « HopiaKuta » is a red ear slider turtle which you can see in <​​​​​​​hopiakuta >.  « Sam » is an alleypussycat.  Joined +google+ plus Sunday, sixteenth...
Meslek: √ ✔ Abolish electoral college & corporate personhood. Abolish corporate personhood & electoral college. Filibuster the #filibuster , as well as #corporatewelfare , #corporatepersonhood , #electoralcollege .
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